Glück Auf is loosely translated as "good luck to us all".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Future Camping

This animation shows what could be possible some day from van manufacturers like VW.

See more about the Verdier concept van here.

See this page for an example of adding solar to a camper.

Here is a Solar Suitcase that could easily be deployed with any camper or conversion van.

Here is a link to purchase these solar devices.

Hybrid Diesel Electric Drive System

This video compares Diesel Electric vs Hybrid Diesel Electric. He is obviously talking about boats, which probably have fewer mechanical challenges because of the flexibility of screw RPM. I would imagine, however, that these concepts translate fairly well to a Hybrid Diesel Electric automobile drive system.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Car Camping Trip: Ontario -> Idaho -> Texas

We are tentatively planning a car camping trip and here is our planned route:

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We will update our route as we go.

Welcome To Camp Around The World

I haven't been camping in quite a few years, and I am in dire need of a relaxing vacation. I decided that car camping is in order. I'll start blogging about my camping adventures in the US and Canada, and then I'll hopefully extend my experience to various types of camping around the world. Travel with me, and please leave some advice about places I should go camping.