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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wood Stoves, Boilers and Ovens

As we get closer to our Airstream renovation, we have to make some important decisions about the appliances we want in and around our travel trailer. Heat is one of the most important factors for comfort and survival. So, we want to try to incorporate as many energy sources as reasonably possible. We have already installed a very compact electric heat pump and AC, but we'd like to have the option to burn wood, pellets, charcoal, gas and other fuels when electricity is not available. This post covers the most promising stoves and ovens.

The Hunter Stove Package from Cylinder Stoves

A company called Cylinder Stoves offers a unique design that includes a Stove, Warming Tray, and Water Heater. I sent an e-mail to the company explaining our Airstream rebuild project and they recommended their Hunter Stove Package which sells for $359. They also have an optional Chimney Oven for $289 that installs directly to the stove pipe. They also offer a Pellet Burner Kit for $229. That's a heck of a setup for a relatively low price, but I'm a little concerned about the size of this package and how much space it would take in our little Airstream.

Below is the only video I could find that shows the Cylinder Stoves Hunter package in action.

Kimberly Stove by Unforgettable Fire LLC

Another option we are considering is a Kimberly Wood Stove from Unforgettable Fire, LLC. This stove sells for $3500, which seems expensive, but it might be worth the investment because of it's unique patent-pending secondary combustion system which recycles exhaust gasses from the primary fire by re-burning them at temperatures of up to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. They claim that this secondary combustion system completely incinerates all carcinogenic smoke particles before they become pollution.

In addition to logs, the Kimberly Wood Stove can burn several other fuels. In cold weather a 5lb extruded pressed log performs the best. It gives you an 8-10hr burn time with the cook top temperature exceeding 1150 degrees Fahrenheit. For Spring into Summer weather use, 1lb of standard charcoal a day will run the stove at a lower temperature range with an even cook top temperature. Pellets and gases/oils are also optional fuel choices.


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