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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sea Water-Cooled Refrigeration Systems

Here's an interesting idea! There are refrigeration systems intended for marine applications that use water to cool the refrigerator. This allows you to take advantage of the typically cooler temperature of water in the ocean to reduce energy consumption. I'll bet this system could be easily adapted to be used from lakes, streams, and ground water.

The Sea Water-Cooled, ASU (Automatic Start Up*) Magnum Model 5301 Refrigeration System can cool as a refrigerator or as a freezer. The maximum freezer capacity is 3.0 Cubic Feet and the maximum refrigerator capacity is 9.2 cubic feet. This model Includes a Self-Priming Sea Water Pump that ensures extra high efficiency for tropical applications. Isotherm's ASU Models are equipped with the optional, patented Automatic Start Up System that senses when surplus power is available and stores refrigeration energy in holding plates mounted near freezer compartment. The ASU system can dramatically reduce the drain on your battery.

Isotherm Magnum Features:

  • Fridge or Freezer use
  • Included Self-Priming Sea Water Pump ensures extra high efficiency for tropical applications
  • 12/24 Volt DC Danfross Compressor
  • Easy installation with pre-charged system, "Click-on" bracket and quick connect lines
  • Variable speed water pump adjusts water volume according to the temperature of the compressor

* Isotherm ASU Systems are designed for installations in existing cool boxes and mainly for use in sailing yachts where battery power is at a premium. The ASU system dramatically reduces power consumption while supplying refrigeration in abundance. It senses when surplus power is available from the engine alternator and speeds up the compressor to rapidly freeze the holding plate. When surplus power is no longer available it reduces its energy-use accordingly. The stainless-steel holding plate can be fitted at any suitable angel high up in the box before being connected to the compressor unit by the three meter long six mm diameter flexible copper piping fitted with quick-couplings. The compressor unit is small enough to be fitted in a stowage within connecting distance from the holding plate. Extremely quiet when running, it can even be fitted under a bunk if needed. After connecting the leads to the battery, the pre-filled system is ready to go.

Isotherm ASU 5301
Max Box Volume cu.ft.
Large holding plate
Dimensions evaporator
A x B x C inches
Dimensions compressor
L x W x H inches
Power Consumption (Amp)
Average A/hour/
Max by 12 V
Weight (lbs.)
Danfoss Compressor Model
Temp Range

More Sea Water-Cooled systems can be found at

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