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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arduino Rasp Pi Environment Controller

I have already purchased a Raspberry Pi and a USB driven Velleman kit that I plan to use to control eight relays to turn pumps, lights and heaters on and off based upon schedules and sensor readings. While I was trying to find a simple way to connect various environmental sensors, I stumbled across this open-source project that uses Arduino to accomplish almost everything I had hoped to accomplish with my aquaponic greenhouse automation.

Source: Open-Source project at

An Arduino and Raspberry Pi based Environment Controller. Main Components: MEGA 2560, SSD-1963 Touchscreen, DHT-11 Humidity Sensor, LM35 Temperature Sensor, a Light Dependent Resistor, and a Phidgets P1130_0 - pH/ORP Adapter with cheap BNC pH probe (electrode) off eBay (see wiki for full parts list)

Also includes a Python Script and a PHP webpage for controlling the Arduino remotely (developed for Raspberry Pi - but should work on any linux machine or a windows machine with some modification to the code)

Displays a graph of all sensor data (customizable)

Arduino Rasp Pi Environment Controller Web Site



Complete Touchscreen User Interface
Water Timers and Light Timers
Manual Control of Relays
Set Water Pump and Light Schedules

The following is meant for running on a Raspberry Pi: Includes a Python Script to recieve serial messages from arduino and stores the variables in seperate files Includes a PHP Web Page for monitoring realtime sensor values, remote control of relays/light settings/water settings/system settings, view realtime graph and upload firmware remotely!

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