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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

KOA at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

This KOA has well maintained facilities including a new bathhouse with individual full bathrooms and a pavilion for group events. The river runs very close to the camping areas and beautiful mountains run across both sides of the valley.

Downtown Lava Hot Springs is a short walk from the KOA with water slides and hot pools. We enjoyed sitting in the pools and soaking in the pools. These hot springs are particularly enjoyable because there is no sulfur in the water and although there is naturally occurring chloride, the water is not chlorinated. See for more information.

The only potentially negative aspect of this KOA and downtown Lava Hot Springs is the train tracks across the highway from the camp area. During our most recent visit, several trains stopped there as late as 11:00 PM. So be prepared to hear quite a bit of racket as trains are breaking and accelerating. I didn't find these sounds to be unpleasant, but some may.

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